David Rich, Owner and Head Distiller of Rich Grain Distillery

Compliments of http://richdistilling.com/

I’m a Madison County native and this is my distillery. While I was in college, I discovered bourbon (don’t we all) and became intrigued with all aspects of it. I began researching the history of it, production methods, and began buying and tasting every brand I could. This love affair continued over the next several years, silently, as I worked as a mechanical engineer for a defense contractor in Alabama. While I enjoyed my time there and my former job, I just had a lingering urge to move back home to Mississippi to work for myself, and follow a dream. That dream was realized in March of 2016 when I began full scale production in my very own legal distillery. I’m not a descendant in a long lineage of former distillers, or someone who was a former bootlegger turned legal like you may read about (dubiously) in a biography of other distilleries. Instead, I’m a very technical guy who taught myself, and with the help and knowledge from others before me, how to make really good, quality spirits, from scratch.

Day to day, you can find me grinding grain, making mash, running the still, barreling whiskey, bottling whiskey and rum, and you might see out on the road in a liquor store or bar near you selling my wares. You also might see me here as part of a distillery tour or pouring samples for you in the tasting room. I invite you to come to the distillery for a visit, take a tour, learn about how I make my products, try some samples, and then hopefully go out and buy a bottle for yourself. Cheers!